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Newborn Photography

Luky Robles Photography Offers Newborn Photography

Having a new baby is such an exciting and special time for a family. Newborns change so quickly and Luky Robles Photography is proud to offer newborn photography sessions to capture all of those changes -- the squishy expressions, adorable baby yawns, half-opened eyes. Newborn photography is best done when babies are 5-14 days old because they are still so sleepy and not very active or alert yet, but Luky Robles Photography can accommodate newborn sessions for babies up to one month old.

It is recommended to pre-book a newborn photography session with Luky Robles Photography during the second trimester with a tentative date. Once the baby is born, a date can be firmed up and session details can be planned out. Newborn photo sessions can be shot in either clients' home or at Luky Robles Photography's in-home studio, wherever the clients will feel most comfortable.

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