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Smash Cake

Why Have a Smash Cake Photo Session

One of the most momentous occasions in a child’s life is their first birthday and one of the most memorable moments is when they blow out their first candle on their cake. So why not celebrate that moment with a smash cake session. What is a smash cake session? Well, a smash cake session is exactly that - you smash cake on your little one. 

Around Luky Robles Photography, we have worked on many smash cake sessions and they can’t tell you enough how much these sessions are. Not only will you get a good laugh from the guests at your party, but you will get a reaction from your child that is priceless. Whether they are surprised by the moment or love having cake all over their face, you will always end up with photos that you will want to keep forever. 

If you are ready for some amazing smash cake photography in Maryland, make sure to give  Luky Robles Photography a call. 

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